Fonds de projets

The Projects Fund provides funding assistance to projects that sustain and contribute to the growth of the arts, sport and recreation within Yukon for the benefit and enjoyment of Yukon people.

The Projects Fund replaced the Recreational Projects Program on April 1, 2018. Funding for equipment, small construction, festivals, events, and productions continues to be available under the Projects Fund and new funding is available for:

  • small opportunity projects (up to $2,500);
  • large strategic projects (over $50,000); and
  • recurring, low risk, and high benefit projects.

There are two ways for Yukon non-profits to access funding:

  • Regular Intake: Apply in spring and fall for medium projects (up to $50,000 for equipment, minor construction and renovations; up to $20,000 for festivals, events, productions and other projects) and large strategic projects (over $50,000). In 2018 intake dates are April 13 and October 15.
  • Opportunity Projects: Intake is ongoing until the program is fully subscribed for the fiscal year. Funding is available for small opportunity-driven projects whose total project costs do not exceed $7,500. Funding is available up to $2,500. Applications must be received at least 10 business days before the proposed project start date.

If you are applying for funding or a current funding recipient and require assistance, please contact the Lotteries Yukon office.

Guidelines, applications and reporting documents for the Projects Fund:


Recognition Requirements and Standards

Lotteries Yukon funds the arts, sport and recreation through their three funding programs (Recreational Projects Program, Travel Assistance Program and Community Lottery Program) and by sharing lottery profits with Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch and Cultural Services Branch. Recipients of funding supported by lottery ticket revenues are required to publicly acknowledge the funding support provided by Lotteries Yukon. Further information on these requirements is provided in:

Si vous avez des questions au sujet du Programme de projets récréatifs (PPR), veuillez communiquer avec l’administrateur du programme, au 867-633-7892 ou, sans frais de l’extérieur de Whitehorse, au 1-800-661-0555, poste 7892.

Liste des bénéficiaires du Programme de projets récréatifs :

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Loteries Yukon

205, rue Hawkins, bureau 101
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Téléphone : (867) 633-7890
Numéro sans frais (au Yukon) :
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