COVID-19 notice

The Yukon Lottery Commission recognizes that there are many challenges to planning projects during these uncertain times, and is taking a flexible approach to assessing projects that may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

  • We advise that you plan your project according to the measures recommended by the Government of Yukon and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, keeping in mind that restrictions may change at any time. 
  • We recommend you limit your expenses as much as possible while planning your project until it can be confirmed that the project will move forward as planned.
  • Recipients of projects that need to be amended in order to meet the evolving public health safety measures may submit a revised plan and budget for approval.

If you have a question related to Lotteries Yukon funding programs, please contact the Program/Policy Advisor at  or (867) 334-9011; or the Program Administrator at or (867) 633-7892.

For general inquires, please call (867) 633-7890 or 1-800-661-0555 toll free from Yukon communities or email us at