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Supporting arts, sport, and recreation...

one ticket at a time.

Two Indigenous dancers wearing traditional clothing
A white water kayaker riding rapids in a river
Photograph of a ladies, championship hockey team posing for a team photo at centre ice in a hockey rink, all players have medals around their necks

Funding programs

The Commission allocates profits from the sale of lottery tickets towards arts, sport, and recreation across Yukon. Learn more about how these funding programs could benefit your group or community.

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Playing the lottery

Explore how to protect your play, check winning numbers, and learn about the games you can play.

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For retailers

We support lottery retailers across Yukon in a variety of different ways.

Person jumping in the air, attempting to kick a ball suspended from the ceiling with both heels together

What's your recreation?

Our team is excited to continually share with you how Yukoners of every age, through every season and in every corner of the territory pursue more active, healthy and meaningful lifestyles.