Recognition requirements for funding recipients

Lotteries Yukon funds arts, sport and recreation through three funding programs and by sharing lottery profits with Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch and Cultural Services Branch.  Recipients of funding supported by lottery ticket revenues are required to publicly acknowledge the funding support provided.

Recognition requirements

The Yukon Lottery Commission (YLC) has formalized its recognition policy to clarify how Lotteries Yukon (LY) financial support to recipients must be recognized. All forms of recognition will follow YLC approved wording, design criteria and graphic standards. The goal is to achieve uniformity consistent with Lotteries Yukon identity and to effect standardization. It is the recipient’s responsibility to identify recognition and media plans in their application and provide evidence of these activities in their progress and final reports. Funding may be withheld and/or recovered if this requirement is not met.

Recognition methods

All recipients must acknowledge the Lotteries Yukon financial support in all communication materials related to the project. Recognition methods include but are not restricted to the following:

Decals - prominently place the Lotteries Yukon decal on a window or glass surface at your organization in a public area and/or on equipment.

Banners - Lotteries Yukon has banners and signage in a variety of sizes that organizations may borrow to display at special events.

Signage - include Lotteries Yukon name and/or logo on recognition signage. Signage is a requirement for buildings, renovations to buildings or other capital projects (trails, etc.) funded by Lotteries Yukon and must adhere to the design criteria and graphic standards. In most cases, funding support for signage will be provided by Lotteries Yukon. If there are multiple funders there is an expectation that the costs for signage will be shared. In such cases, this provision will be identified in the Letter of Agreement.

Promotional Materials and Branding - In most cases, the costs of branding the Lotteries Yukon logo on equipment such as tents will be funded 100% by Lotteries Yukon. If there are multiple funders there is an expectation that the costs for branding will be shared. In such cases, this provision will be identified in the Letter of Agreement.

Acknowledgement Message and Public Announcements - Public announcements and/or acknowledgements at venues are to read:  “Funding for this project is made possible with support from Lotteries Yukon.”

Print Advertisement - If the recipient is placing print advertisements recognizing funding and other contributions please ensure Lotteries Yukon is included. Recipients are expected to cover the cost of recognition for ad placements, brochures, posters and other print materials.

Credit Line - Generally a credit line consists of a lead in sentence followed by the titles of the sponsors. The titles should be presented in a uniform manner, using same type-face, type size and colour. Two options are available for the credit line, as follows:  “Financial assistance provided by Lotteries Yukon” OR “With the generous support of Lotteries Yukon”

Photos - Lotteries Yukon may feature beneficiary stories in publications, the Annual Report and on the Lotteries Yukon website. Photos submitted to Lotteries Yukon must be digital and be accompanied by releases/permission to publish the images of any individuals (or guardians in the case of minors). Please include all relevant photo courtesy information.

Newsletters or Programs - Include an article or acknowledgement about the Lotteries Yukon contribution to the project in your regular print or electronic newsletter or program and/or Lotteries Yukon can supply you with a designed ad for your publication.

Events - Host a media event or public celebration of your project. Acknowledgement of Lotteries Yukon funding can be provided at the event. You may contact the General Manager, Lotteries Yukon to invite.

All recipients are required to contact Lotteries Yukon prior to holding a media event, creating a photo opportunity, or distributing a news release regarding the funded project.

Lotteries Yukon may also identify opportunities for highly-targeted recognition or unique marketing strategies with significant recognition potential.

Design criteria and graphic standards

Identification of Lotteries Yukon contributions is to be in a concise and clear manner to ensure optimum recognition. Funding recipients may include the logo on their website, newsletter, program, signage or any other communications tool available. A digital file of the logo in the permitted sizes is available on the Lotteries Yukon website or by contacting the LY office. The LY logo cannot be modified nor can it be downloaded or copied from any other source.

The following criteria should be observed:

  • Display the logo in generous open space, free from close association with any interfering or distracting elements;
  • Respect graphic standards:
    • Pantone Colours: 116C Yellow and 3025C Blue. Visual match to coated swatch/chip ONLY.
    • Minimum logo reproduction size: 1.5" wide
  • Do not skew, stretch or change the ratio of the elements of the logo;
  • Elements from the logo may not be used separately in any form;
  • Do not make changes to the original artwork;
  • Sufficient contrast should exist between the logo and its background to ensure legibility;
  • Do not enclose logo in a box or other shape;
  • Include the applicable credit line when possible;
  • Respect visual equivalence, try to achieve visual balance between logos on the basis of size, density, shape and colour; and,
  • When two or more sponsors are to be identified the expectation is that the level of recognition is at least proportionate to financial contribution.

Logo files and logo use guidance:



Lotteries Yukon frequently receives plaques, framed photos/posters or other mementos in recognition of funding support provided to organizations. While these gestures are appreciated, it is also acknowledged that such items can be costly for organizations to produce and difficult for Lotteries Yukon to store. Public recognition as described above is sufficient.