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COVID-19 Notice

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Yukon Lottery Commission and Lotteries Yukon team wish to provide an update on services available to support you. 

The office is currently open to the public. We encourage you to call us before visiting the office to ensure we continue to follow physical distancing measures. For general inquiries, please call (867) 633-7890 or 1-800-661-0555 toll free from Yukon communities or email us at  

Applicants to the Projects Fund fall intake can submit their application electronically to, by mail or in person at 101-205 Hawkins Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 1X3 by 4:30pm on October 15, 2020.

The Yukon Lottery Commission recognizes that there are many challenges to planning projects during these uncertain times and is taking a flexible approach to assessing projects that may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

  • Recipients of projects that have been cancelled due to the pandemic may submit their final report showing eligible non-refundable expenses incurred up to the cancellation date. 
  • Recipients of projects that are being postponed due to the pandemic may request an extension to their project end date. 
  • Recipients of projects that need to be amended in order to meet the evolving restrictive measures imposed by the Chief Medical Officer of Health may submit a revised plan and budget for approval.
  • We recommend you plan your project according to the current phase 3 restrictions and in compliance with the “6 steps to staying safe” guidelines. We also recommend you limit your expenses during the planning phase until project implementation has been confirmed.  

If you have a question related to Lotteries Yukon funding programs, please contact the Program/Policy Advisor at or (867) 334-9011; or the Program Administrator at or (867) 633-7892.



Lotteries Yukon provides services and support to the Yukon lottery retailer network for the sale of lottery products (on-line games and Scratch'NWin tickets).  Lottery profits are distributed to hundreds of volunteer and community-based organizations for arts, sport, and recreation projects and activities throughout the Yukon.

Supporting arts, sport and recreation ... one ticket at a time.

The administrative functions for the Yukon Lottery Commission are carried out by Lotteries Yukon. Lotteries Yukon provides support and services to:

  • lottery retailers;
  • lottery customers and members of the public;
  • non-profit organizations seeking program funding; and
  • to the Yukon Lottery Commission.

Read the Yukon Lottery Commission Annual Report 2020-21.


Social responsibility

Our lotteries work is undertaken with consideration of its impact on communities and people. We strive to ensure that lottery tickets remain a form of entertainment, and that there is information and support available that promotes healthy lottery play.


We take responsibility for our commitments and actions. Our reasoned and objective decision making can be held to close scrutiny.

Collaboration and cooperation

We recognize that our clients are better served by aligning planning and program delivery across departments/agencies therefore we will work collaboratively with our partners for the benefit of our clients.


Our funding programs are accessible to all segments of the Yukon population and focus on achieving broad benefits to communities and organizations.


We are open and clear about our processes, decision making and results.

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