The Yukon Lottery Commission is mandated to provide for community-based programming and funding assistance for arts, sport and recreation in Yukon. This funding assistance is provided by Lotteries Yukon through three programs: Projects Fund, Travel Assistance Program and the Community Lottery Program.

The Commission allocates profits from the sale of lottery tickets towards arts, sport, and recreation across Yukon through funding programs, revenue sharing with the Yukon government, and external partnerships. The financial support provided is intended to:

  • reduce barriers to participation in arts, sport and recreation across Yukon;
  • sustain and/or increase participation in arts, sport and recreation activities in Yukon;
  • enhance funding outcomes for arts, sport, and recreation through partnerships; and
  • help individuals develop their skills/abilities in arts, sport and/or recreation.

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Travel Assistance Program

The Travel Assistance Program provides assistance to non-profit groups and extra-curricular high school groups attending competitions or adjudicated events in art, sport and recreation within Yukon or outside Yukon.

The Travel Assistance Program assists Yukon people with travel expenses up to $200 to compete and/or participate in adjudicated events within and outside of Yukon. Also, up to an additional $200 may be eligible for participants from Yukon rural communities traveling outside of Yukon for eligible events. The intake is ongoing until the program is fully subscribed for the fiscal year.

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TAP Alpine Skiing

Community Lottery Program

The Community Lottery Program provides municipalities and local authorities with funding to support art, sport and recreation in their communities. The intent of the program is to enable local decision making to meet community needs and create equitable access to lottery revenues for all Yukon people.

If you have any questions about the Community Lottery Program please contact the Program Advisor at (867) 633-7890 or in the communities through our toll free number 1-800-661-0555.

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Projects Fund

The Projects Fund provides funding assistance to projects that sustain and contribute to the growth of the arts, sport and recreation within Yukon for the benefit and enjoyment of Yukon people.

The Projects Fund replaced the Recreational Projects Program on April 1, 2018. Information on the Projects Fund, such as new program guidelines and application forms are available online.

The Projects Fund provides funding assistance in support of Yukoners living healthy, active lives engaged in and having access to arts, sport and recreation. The Projects Fund provides several ways for Yukon non-profits to access funding for arts, sport or recreation projects including:

  • Regular Intakes in April and October for small, medium and large projects;
  • Opportunity Projects – ongoing intake for projects that are low risk, non-complex and are small in dollar value;
  • Three Year Plan Recipients – projects that are recurring, low risk, and high benefit have been identified in the Yukon Lottery Commission’s Three Year Plan (2018-2021); and,
  • Strategic Partnerships – partnerships identified by the Yukon Lottery Commission that have demonstrated success in delivering arts, sport or recreation projects or programs across the Yukon.

Approximately $3.8 million is allocated to the Projects Fund for the 2020/21 fiscal year.

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Projects Fund - Faro Arts and Rec - Judo

Revenue Distribution

Revenue Distributed to Yukon Government

The Yukon Lottery Commission shares lottery revenues with the Yukon Government to supplement government programming for art, sport and recreation; funding is provided to the Yukon Recreational Advisory Committee and the Yukon Arts Advisory Council.

Lottery Revenue for the Arts

Lottery revenues to the Yukon Government for the arts are provided for under the Public Lottery Regulations and the Arts Act. Programs are administered by the Department of Tourism and Culture with the Yukon Arts Advisory Council making recommendations on funding applications to the Minister of Tourism and Culture. Lottery revenue is used to support the Arts Operating Fund and the Advanced Artist Award. 

Lottery Revenue for Sport and Recreation

Lottery revenues to the Yukon Government for sport and recreation are provided for under the Public Lottery Regulations and the Recreation Act. Programs are administered by the Department of Community Services, Sport and Recreation Branch. The Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee makes recommendations on funding applications to the Minister of Community Services. Lottery revenues contribute to funding programs for sport governing bodies, recreation groups, high performance athletes and officials, and Sport Yukon. 

Recognition Requirements and Standards

Lotteries Yukon funds arts, sport and recreation through three funding programs and by sharing lottery profits with Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch and Cultural Services Branch.  Recipients of funding supported by lottery ticket revenues are required to publicly acknowledge the funding support provided. Further information on these requirements is provided in:


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